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The information age has brought about a huge rise in citizen expectations of public services. Governments around the world are transforming themselves to provide higher quality, more accessible services - enabling their citizens to take part in an electronically connected society.

Rex Global is committed to helping Government gain real benefits through the delivery of services online. This challenge, faced by all levels of governments globally, means more than just Internet-enabling existing processes. Satisfying the community's need for an accessible, responsive service may require substantial transformation of business processes.

With 15 years of experience serving the public sector, Rex Global has learned to work closely with government clients to understand their opportunities, work processes, procurement processes, and overall challenges. We support many functional areas including:




   Government Service Delivery - Issuing of licenses and permits, administering grants and contributions, case management, certification/audit/inspection and tax payment

   E-Government - Self-service for citizens, businesses and employees; citizen support; Web site and portal development; and Web content management

   Government Decision Support - Compliance management, collaborative intelligence gathering, performance management, score carding, data warehousing and management reporting

   Value Management - Business and program strategy, program initiative portfolio management and strategic governance

 Government Enterprise Resource Management - HR, financial management, asset, information, IT, document and knowledge management

 Outsourcing - Managing and maintaining legacy systems in a cost-effective manner.



Rex Global Working In Partnership


RGC has an excellent reputation for delivering innovative and reliable IT solutions to the government sector.



Rex Global Designs, Builds and Operates End-to-End Solutions for G2G, G2C and G2B.


Importantly, we recognize that no single organization has a monopoly on great ideas. Our position as technology partner to some of the most advanced companies in the world is testament to our capabilities. To ensure we can bring the best end-to-end solutions to our customers we partner with a wide range of industry leaders such as: Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Check Point, and more.


In recent times we have worked with a diverse range of government departments to design, build and operate infrastructure and e-Business solutions, applying proven methodologies to transform business processes in areas as diverse as:



  Emergency Services

  Roads Management

  Land Titles

  Police Assistance

  Health Information


  Transport Ticketing

  Local Government Agencies

  Land and Conservation

  Film & Literature  



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