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RGC's is an integrated suite of business and IT methods to help clients initiate, implement, and manage change in the organization through key business change initiatives, such as strategic planning, business transformation, business and IT architecture, applications and systems development, deployment and maintenance. The industry-leading methodology, RGC's, encapsulates more than 10 years of experience into an integrated suite of business and IT processes to successfully initiate, manage, and implement change in organizations, with the ultimate goal of improving overall business performance.


The RGC's processes are designed to be easily adapted to suit the needs of virtually any given change an organization may want to implement to meet business strategy. It addresses most IT-enabled organization change initiatives including: optimizing the realization of benefits derived from an organization's investments, and then designing, acquiring, assembling, delivering and maintaining the required solutions to support these initiatives.


In-depth reference material, techniques, tools, templates, guidelines and examples support RGC's processes. It even allows organizations or projects to integrate their own best practices and examples to help customize the RGC's processes to their particular context. RGC professionals employ RGC's extensively to generate small and simple to large and complex business solutions.


Manage Change With Confidence

An integrated approach is required whatever your "entry point" to a new project, whether it's the reengineering of a core business process, adoption of a new software package, or the creation of a new business line.


RGC's can be applied at any time in the project life cycle because it provides seamless linkages among its methods, techniques and tools - from strategy to BPR to systems delivery and maintenance.


The RGC's processes are designed to be easily adapted to suite the needs of virtually any change an organization may want to achieve. RGC's knowledge is organized into five distinct yet inter-related domains, each of which provides specific methods to achieve its goal.

  • Strategy Forum: defining and managing strategic business change

  • Result Station: maximizing value in investments in business change

  • Architecture Lab: creating blueprints for change in the business and its IT resource

  • Productivity Center: delivering and maintaining information system solutions

  • Management Suite: delivering the change on time, on budget, to defined requirements.

RGC's methods provide a structured approach to change. Each method addresses specific types of change and supports services related to specific changes.



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