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The Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 operating environment is Microsoft's premier operating system for the portable, desktop and server market. Its availability presents major opportunities for organizations to reduce Total Cost of Ownership by using the latest technology. But how do you go about implementing it in your business?

- What does this new product set really offer your business?
- Is there value in changing your current Standard Operating
Environment now?
- What compelling business drivers will influence your businesses decision to migrate to Microsoft Windows 2008 R2?
- How can your business best take advantage of what Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 has to offer?
- How do you go about planning for and deploying such a change to your IT

Rex Global Corp has extensive experience working with customers on the design and deployment of infrastructure and software solutions.

Our consultants can assist you in planning for and deploying Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.


A Consultative Approach
RGC, in conjunction with Microsoft, has developed a comprehensive consultancy service to assist you with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 design and deployment.

The design of a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2-based network requires more design effort than an equivalent NT4-based network. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 introduces many new network design concepts. Proper planning and design is crucial to the success of deploying Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 in the enterprise.

Our methodology is workshop-based, and ensures our consultants work closely with your staff. Through the workshop process we design the best Standard Operating Environment structure for your Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 environment and establish a detailed deployment plan.

Globally and locally we maintain strong relationships with Microsoft, ensuring that our professional staff are well trained and have hands on experience of new technology. It also means we work in close conjunction with Microsoft to help you make rapid use of a Microsoft Windows 2000 solution.


Benefits To You
By participating in a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 workshop you will gain:

- An awareness of the features of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and the potential business benefits
- A review of your current Standard Operating Environment (including hardware, software and system management)

- A clear understanding of how the IT objectives and goals of your business will be supported by implementing Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
- A review of the System Management, Security and Directory-based features for Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
- A mapping of the product features to your business requirements
 - A review of deployment methodologies and how these would be best matched to the requirements and constraints of your business
- A comprehensive project plan for the design, build and deployment of the Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 environment within your business


Consultancy Fees

Fees will vary depending on the size and complexity of your IT environment. Please contact your Rex Global Corp account manager for further information

on charges.



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