What We Do:

Our people know and understand technology - this experience and expertise gives RGC the practical ability to build the right solutions for our clients. All our offerings are designed to provide simple technology solutions to complex technical problems, not only on-time and to budget, but also in a way that meets agreed business objectives. To achieve this, RGC work with vendor partners who have a track record in excellence, innovation and performance, which allows us to provide our clients with the choice of best of breed products and solutions, across a range of manufacturers to ensure a good return on their investment.

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"Specializing In Best Of Breed Hardware, Software and Customer Service"





Our Mission:

The process of distributing goods and services is changing at Internet speed. Rex Global is becoming a leader in introducing improvements that support these change's in the areas of information technology and secure electronic commerce, so that Rex Global customers reap the benefits of their own increased competitiveness and efficiency.


This idea of generating revenue and profit opportunities for customers is at the core of the Rex Global business philosophy and of our role in leading change. Providing products and services that enable Rex Global and our customers to take control of our own businesses despite economic cycles and other influences in the marketplace is the key to mutual, consistent, long-term profitability and competitiveness.

RGC has a track record for delivering on its promises. The integration of the skills required to implement solutions that deliver value requires experience and knowledge both at a personal and corporate level. RGC is committed to achieving some of the industry's hardest accreditations, so that its clients have the best qualified, independent advice for their infrastructure network software solutions.



How We Do It:

At a time when most other institutions are trimming their sails, the order has gone out within the Rex Global to increase market exposure with a view to reaping the full benefits of the rosier outlook that tomorrow will surely bring.


In a time of turmoil when all known points of reference seem to be vanishing, it may be the predominantly Entrepreneurial culture of our Group that is telling us to stay calm and rely on common sense. This and tried-and-tested practices will enable us to continue exercising the trade of I.T. management which we are well versed in.


The goal is to make it easier for customers, such as manufacturers and retailers, to transact business and manage their global supply chains.

Today, that commitment to reliable service and products is just as strong.




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