Rex Global Support Plus

RGC Support Plus sets us a world apart. We transform business by delivering more than an extensive portfolio of IT services. We ensure successful outcomes through a combination of professional expertise, a successful track record and global capabilities, which lower risk and ensure a return on your investment.

Enhancing the value of all of this is RGC's innovation delivered via proven methodologies, adaptive platforms, intelligent solutions and advanced products. Our philosophy, with its foundation in integrity, truth and openness, insists that we are service-led not sales-driven, unlike some of our competitors. And our business structure makes us simple to deal with.


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Rex Global Customer Support

Regardless of where you are located and which systems you are using, RGC can offer customer support to assist with your deployment and field maintenance services to ensure its continuity. We have a 24/7/365 delivery model and a single point of accountability. This, coupled with our expertise and responsiveness has given us a proven track record of meeting and exceeding our customers service level agreements. Our Sense & Respond delivery model proactively reduces our customers support requirements.

  • Project Support and Services

  • Field Maintenance

  • Voice & Data Convergence

  • Telco/Carrier Networks

  • PBX Networks

  • VoIP Networks

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Rex Global Customer Advantage

Moreover, RGC customers have all the advantage of emerging technologies and the smart thinking behind them. Leaving nothing to chance, we have developed a suite of systems and frameworks that ensure success when addressing today's key business challenges from helping customers identify and implement business and change strategy, improving the efficiencies of their business-critical applications, or optimizing their IT environment.

With outstanding technology innovations to our credit we have earned a global reputation for delivering intelligent IT solutions that are entirely benefits-driven and return on investment in even the most demanding enterprise environments.

"We call all this RGC Support Plus;

our customers call it their competitive advantage."



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