Rex Global Corporation is helping organizations protect, monitor and optimize their VMware infrastructures. With our solutions for VMware management, organizations can reduce costs and improve efficiency by leveraging our award-winning solutions for backup & recovery, performance monitoring, and storage optimization, as well as those for virtual desktops delivery and management.

Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure


- VMware vSphere 4
vCloud Overview
vCloud Director
vCloud Request Manager
vCenter Overview

VMware Security Products


- vShield Overview
vShield App
vShield Edge
vShield Endpoint
vShield Zones



VMware Application Platform


- vFabric Overview

- vFabric tc Server

- vFabric Hyperic

- vFabric GemFire

- vFabric Enterprise Server

- vFabric RabbitMQ

Infrastructure and Operations Mgt


- vCenter Overview

- vCenter Server

- vCenter Server Heartbeat

- vCenter Operations

- vCenter Orchestrator

- vCenter CapacityIQ

- vCenter Site Recovery Mgr

- vCenter Lab Manager

- vCenter Configuration Mgr

- vCenter Converter

Desktop and End User Computing


- VMware View 4.5






Management Solutions

VMware is a recognized leader in providing virtual infrastructure technologies, including vSphere, ESX, and ESXi platforms. Virtualization technologies like those from VMware are helping organizations reduce capital expenditures through server consolidation while providing a more flexible platform for service delivery, making them one of the hottest trends in IT today.




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