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Companies need to deliver new applications quickly and reliably. When selecting a service provider, you need to be confident that the vendor has a solid and successful track record of service delivery and can meet your business demands. Systems Delivery practitioners represent 50 per cent of our practitioners globally covering all aspects of system development from architecture, design, development, testing, and implementation. We have experience working in complex environments with heterogeneous technologies and multiple platform environments.


RGC tailors its delivery approach based on the specifics of the client's situation. Underpinning our approach to projects is our methodology. The methodology supports:

  • The use of both traditional, interactive and agile approaches through the use of specific paths through the methodology

  • Custom development as well as package selection, customization and implementation

  • Object orientated techniques.

Custom Development

We have vast experience developing and implementing custom applications using a broad range of programming languages and tools. We have a strong depth of capability in Microsoft, especially .NET, Oracle, Java, web and object-oriented technologies.


System Integration

RGC helps clients simplify and integrate multiple, diverse processes, applications, and systems to create a continuous flow of information. We have a strong depth of capability in EAI products and middleware tools and technologies.


Package Selection And Implementation

We work with our clients on the selection, customization and implementation of packaged application solutions from common off-the-shelf packages to fully integrated enterprise-wide packages such as Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, Onyx and Documented.


RGC has a high caliber of experienced Systems Delivery practitioners with 8-20 years of industry experience. Through our global network of delivery centers, RGC has a broad range of skills and capabilities.


Our Systems Delivery capability covers custom development, system integration and package implementation approaches.


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